ArchilumO lichtpanelen zijn ‘Individueel Intelligente Panelen’. In de behuizing van de ArchilumO panelen zit een door ArchilumO ontwikkelde miniatuur DALI LED driver (480W, 3-kanalen, DT6 of DT8) met specifieke ArchilumO functionaliteit. Hierdoor kan de lichtintensiteit van de verschillende vormen lichtpanelen gekalibreerd worden, en kunnen lichtpanelen individueel aangestuurd worden met dim of kleurregeling commando’s

ArchilumO behoort tot eersten die gebruikmaken van het DALI2 protocol voor zowel haar DT6 / DT8 LED driver

ArchilumO Control Functions

On/Off and Dim

Control individual panels, multiple panels within a group or multiple groups

Tuneable White

Control colour from very warm white – 2200K, to bright cool daylight – 6500K


Select any colour within the RGB spectrum. Control individual panels or groups

Remote Access

Remote access for servicing and problem shooting

Building Management System

Integrate ArchilumO light installation(s) into existing BMS

ArchilumO DALI Control Unit

Up to 6 freely configurable keys and remote mobile control – Bluetooth4

Integration DALI Sensors

Integration of DALI sensors – Motion/Daylight – to further reduce energy costs

The Electronic Panel Connector system allows for connecting up to 5 CompoSe panels with 1 power supply only. This results in less visual disturbance and lower installation costs.

Standard DALI control options and scene creation are available including Human Centric Lighting scenes. The ArchilumO control system also supports the integration of standard Dali sensors to further reduce energy costs.

Specify a high-design ArchilumO control unit with or without Bluetooth functionality, or integrate the ArchilumO light installation(s) into an existing Building Management System.

System Architecture

Typical System Architecture - 1 Light Panel

Typical System Architecture - Multiple panels - 1 Group

Typical System Architecture - Multi-Group


For turnkey solutions, ArchilumO has created a number of ArchilumO control devices including a Bluetooth4 TouchPanel that allows for wireless mobile control from any IOS or Android mobile device. ‘Plug and Play’ in optima forma!


Operating and control unit with up to 6 freely configurable keys.
Predefined standard lay-outs for colour and colour control in Tuneable White and RGB. Predefined standard layouts for dimming, switching and scene selection. Up to 64 individual addresses or 16 group addresses. Multiple TouchPanels can be installed on 1 DALI-line.

TouchPanel Bluetooth 4.0

Same functionality as ArchilumO TouchPanel but with Bluetooth 4.0 interface. Control via TouchPanel or via Android or IOS operated mobile device. Control Apps via App StorePredefined standard layouts for dimming, switching and scene selection. All bluetooth TouchPanels within range can be selected for use.


Light Management System for 2 DALI circuits – up to 128 individual devices or up to 32 groups. Commissioning, control and operating unit. 7 inch (17,8cm) colour touch screen with 24-bit colour depth. Manual or time-controlled scene selection including scheduling over multiple days. Software updates via Ethernet. Control via web browser (Ethernet). 2 DALI interfaces and 1 USB port.

Technical Data & Downloads

ArchilumO Product Brochure

ArchilumO Wiring Diagram CompoSe

ArchilumO Wiring Diagram LightWall/OvalXL