ArchilumO light panels offer the widest range of FLICKER-FREE light options available in the market. Select from 5 standard White LED colours or opt for Tuneable White (2200-6500K) if you require the light colour to vary from ‘warm’ to ‘daylight’. By choosing our Dynamic RGB option, you can add a design layer to your lighting feature.

ArchilumO uses top quality, energy efficient, environment friendly Luxeon LEDS designed for interior architectural applications, with an average rated life of 50.000Hrs+. In-house developed LED strips with very high light outputs enable you to specify any custom panel size or even curved panel formats.
Our 16 bit tuning resolution ensures perfectly smooth 100-1% FLICKER-FREE dimming and colour control.


Tuneable Whites


Top quality, energy efficient, environmental friendly Luxeon RGB LEDS designed for interior architectural applications, with an average rated life of 50.000Hrs+.

Dominant wavelengths: R=625nm, G=530nm, B=475nm

Individual Intelligent Panels – ArchilumO light panels are equipped with an integrated proprietary Dali LED driver to enable individual control of RGB panels. Dynamic colour arrangements over large-scale lighting features can be created and saved as scenes within the Dali environment. Dynamic RGB is also possible for the ‘Etched” CompoSe panels.


ArchilumO light panels are amongst the first to be controlled by the Dali2 protocol. A proprietary LED Driver – positioned within the light panel – has been developed to create Individual Intelligent Panels.

This intelligence is required to calibrate the light output of the varying panel dimensions and enables you to individually address panels with e.g. dimming and/or light tuning commands.

An electronic Panel Connector system allows for connecting up to 5 CompoSe panels with 1 power supply only, for less visual disturbance and lower installation costs. Standard Dali control options and scene creation are available as are the integration of standard Dali sensors – Motion, Light Level, etc – to further reduce energy costs.

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