Variable Radii Curved LightPanels

BildungsCampus | Heilbronn

Custom Engineered Solutions!

Project & Client driven lighting solutions!

As all our lighting platforms are handmade, our workshop can offer endless possibilities to customise. In close collaboration with the creative industry, we strive  to translate personal/project driven demands into handcrafted reality. Our passion for designing light and our enthusiasm for turning ideas into reality make us an innovative partner in the development and realisation of tailored lighting solutions.

Limited modifications to our ‘standard’ lighting platforms in terms of size, shape, technical features or surface structures are just as possible as entirely new lighting systems to meet specific aesthetic and/or functional project requirements. Whether custom-made or small series, suitable solutions can be realised after consultation with our multi-disciplinary team of product specialists, designers and engineers.

In addition to project-related design studies, on request prototypes can also be manufactured.

ArchilumO has extensive expertise in edge-lit luminaires to create high-output, flicker-free, diffused lighting solutions.

If your project involves any, some or all of the following challenges, feel free to talk to us;

  • diffused LightPanels – homogeneous or a-symmetrical light distribution
  • a non-standard shape or form – including curved LightPanel solutions
  • a specific LED – colour / CRI / performance, etc
  • flicker-free LightPanels
  • very high light-outputs
  • large panel dimensions up to 1200x3000mm
  • decorative panels: printed and or laser etched.
  • Acoustic LightPanels

Our workshop’s experience and knowledge offers you unlimited possibilities.

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A Case-study

In close collaboration with architects Auer Weber, investor Dieter Schwarz Stiftung and distribution partner Trieschmann GmbH, ArchilumO has developed a custom engineered lighting solution that is mounted vertically on the floor slab edge of each of the 6 different floors of the University Library on the BildungsCampus in Heilbronn. An architectural signature detail that lends identity to the building, designed by Achim Söding – Managing Partner Auer Weber.

Key Project Requirements:
  • A flat custom-size LightPanel | approx. 470-480mm high | minimal panel thicknessAbility to curve LightPanels along a variable radius
  • An asymmetrical light distribution – reduction of light intensity over the panel height
  • Tuneable White LED – DALI controlled
  • Easy to install and de-mount on plasterboard backing
  • 6 Floors | 5 Atria – 2 atria designs | 600 linear metres of LightPanel of which 130 metres are curved

For full details: Press-Release BildungsCampus

Newly developed LightPanel

  • Four custom engineered thin-wall aluminium profiles that can be cold-bent up to a 10-metre radius
  • Custom project engineered 24V Tuneable White LED PCB that can be trimmed to any custom length to fit the many different panel sizes
  • Custom engineered technical tape to seal panel ends and to optimise the panel-to-panel light transition


Various variable radii atria

  • Pre-formed panels for radii < 10-metre. Six different radii with varying panel lengths
  • A 3-layer LightPanel with a custom algorithm, a-symmetrical light distribution

Various variable radii atria

  • Custom project engineered ArchilumO 24V LED Driver to control individual LightPanels contained in custom Control Boxes
  • Custom engineered technical tape to seal panel ends and to optimise the panel-to-panel light transition
  • Simple hook-on mounting system