AkuDisc | 750 BLack/AluMatt

AkuDisc | 750 MarbleGrey/AluMatt

AkuDisc | 750 MarbleGrey/AluMatt

AkuDisc | 750 BLack/BlackMatt

AkuDisc | 750 MarbleGrey/AluMatt

AkuDisc | 750 Black/AluMatt


Acoustic Lighting Solutions

Light and acoustics are judged to be critically important factors in creating comfort & well-being. Studies have shown that the acoustics and the lighting of a space have a significant impact on productivity, as well as on how a space is experienced.

Where light and sound management meet,
comfort & well-being are created!

ArchilumO has developed an acoustic lighting platform where form meets function, where beautifully designed lighting and acoustics work towards optimally lit space conditions and balanced room acoustics that enhance human well-being.


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Acoustic Performance

Don't take sound lightly!

AkuDisc is designed to excel from an acoustic, as well as a lighting perspective.  The top panel is made of recycled PET felt with outstanding acoustic/sound absorbing properties, whereas the acrylic Light Guide produces large volumes of functional comfortable diffused light. A carefully designed void between the felt outer shell and the Light Guide,  enhances AkuDisc’s acoustic performance to unmatched levels.

Download Acoustic Test Report

Light Options

AkuDisc offers a full spectrum of LED options

Standard – 24V Tuneable White

As a standard, we offer Tuneable White in 24V. With a range between 2200K (Candlelight Warm) to 5000K (daylight), the desired atmosphere in any space can be created. Supports the creation of Human Centric Lighting scenarios including Circadian Lighting, Dim to Warm scenes and many other control options that enhance the comfort and well-being of individuals. Both Dali and Casambi. Depending on the size, between 3,500 – 8,000 lumen of comfortable diffused light is delivered.

High Output Option – 48V Tuneable or Single White

For larger spaces that require even higher light outputs – atrium, circulation spaces, churches, etc – AkuDisc is available in a 48V system. Available in Tuneable White 2200-6500K, and in Single White 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. Full suite of control options in Dali or Casambi. With our 48V system, light outputs between 6,000 – 14,000 lumen can be realised.

Note: Light data based on Acoustic Felt colour; MarbleGrey. Output may vary, depending on the colour.

CCT 2200-5000K

Flux 550

Flux 750

Flux 950

Flux 1150

AkuDisc 3.519lm

Flux may vary per Acoustic Felt Colour
For more details: go to Lighting Data Sheet

CCT 2200-6500K

Flux 550

Flux 750

Flux 950

Flux 1150

AkuDisc 6.302lm

Flux may vary per Acoustic Felt Colour
For more details: go to Lighting Data Sheet

Control Options


AkuDisc light fixtures are controlled by Casambi or can be integrated in a Dali network. Multiple standard control options are available including:

Technical Data & Downloads



Product Data Sheet – AkuDisc


Lighting Data Sheet | AkuDisc

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