BNP Paribas Fortis HQ | Brussels

OvalXL for Meeting Pods

OvalXL on the Directors Floor

Located in Brussels (Belgium) Jasper-Eyers Architects  designed the award-winning new head quarters of banking corporation BNP Paribas Fortis – Montagne du Parc. The landmark building is characterised by its organic forms. For the Meeting Pods on the Directors Floor, the architects decided that ArchilumO’s a-symmetrical OvalXL panels would blend in perfectly with the meeting pod design.

Product details:

  • OvalXL-AS 3000: 2 luminaires
  • OvalXL-AS 2000: 1 luminaire
  • OvalXL-S 800×2000: 1 luminaire
  • OvalXL-S 800×3000: 1 luminaire

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