European Parliament | Zweig Visitor Centre

'Thinking out of the Box'

The European Parliament recently inaugurated its brand new ZWEIG Visitor Centre.

An inspired moment of Belgium’s top Lighting Designer Véronique Marijn has been the staring point for a collaboration with architects Assar, distribution partner Hugo Neumann, and ArchilumO.

Taking the product OvalXL to its limits; an array of large oval-shaped fixtures of various sizes in symmetrical and a-symmetrical forms has been created to deliver a stunning end-result. Situated in the lobby of the visitor centre, it is the first thing ‘hitting’ you when you enter the building. A-symmetrical panels stretching up to 2500mm, delivering up to 14,000lm flicker-free diffused light, are combined with smaller panels of 1500mm and 1000mm to make up a unique light feature. An architectural signature detail that lends identity to the building.

Product details:

  • OvalXL-AS 2500: 3 luminaires
  • OvalXL-AS 1500: 5 luminaires
  • OvalXL-S 1000×1500: 1 luminaire

Project Credits: ZWEIG Visitor Centre

Client: European Parliament
Architect: Assar Inclusive Architecture
Lighting Designer: Véronique Marijn
Distribution Partner: Hugo Neumann

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