west Back to overview | 28 October 2020

Start-up ArchilumO completes first major project !

BildungsCampus – Bibliothek  |  Heilbronn

In close collaboration with architects Auer Weber, investor Dieter Schwarz Stiftung and distribution partner Trieschmann GmbH, ArchilumO has developed a custom engineered lighting solution that is mounted vertically on the floor slab edge of each of the 6 different floors of the University Library on the BildungsCampus in Heilbronn. An architectural signature detail that lends identity to the building, designed by Achim Söding – Managing Partner Auer Weber.

Key Project Requirements:
  • A flat custom-size LightPanel | approx. 470-480mm high | minimal panel thicknessAbility to curve LightPanels along a variable radius
  • An asymmetrical light distribution – reduction of light intensity over the panel height
  • Tuneable White LED – DALI controlled
  • Easy to install and de-mount on plasterboard backing
  • 6 Floors | 5 Atria – 2 atria designs | 600 linear metres of LightPanel of which 130 metres are curved
Some of the Key Product Features:
  • Four custom engineered thin-wall aluminium profiles that can be cold-bent up to a 10-metre radius
  • Pre-formed panels for radii < 10-metre. Six different radii with varying panel lengths
  • A 3-layer LightPanel with a custom algorithm, a-symmetrical light distribution
  • Custom project engineered 24V Tuneable White LED PCB that can be trimmed to any custom length to fit the many different panel sizes
  • Custom project engineered ArchilumO 24V LED Driver to control individual LightPanels contained in custom Control Boxes
  • Custom engineered technical tape to seal panel ends and to optimise the panel-to-panel light transition
  • Simple hook-on mounting system


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