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ArchilumO Fact Sheet

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ArchilumO is a start-up in architectural panel lighting solutions, based in The Netherlands.

Founded by two Dutch, and one English partner with proven track records in building successful businesses in various Architectural and Medical products, ArchilumO has the ambition ‘to become a leading brand in architectural panel lighting solutions’.

ArchilumO aims at the Architectural & (Lighting) Design community in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and Northern America territory with a custom panel lighting platform that allows the specifier to create bespoke light features that meet the lighting & design requirements of any project, be it in hospitality, retail, leisure, offices, public spaces, transportation or other. Unique ceiling and/or wall lighting installations can be designed by connecting a wide range of modular panel shapes, in custom sizes, with multiple panel design options, in virtually any available LED colour, all controlled by proprietary Dali technology.

ArchilumO light panels are bespoke and produced on an individual order basis. A Europe-wide specialist sales force and a multi-disciplinary team of product specialists, designers and engineers that supports Architects and Designers in seeking project driven solutions, is available.

ArchilumO offers two custom light panel platforms – ArchilumO CompoSe and ArchilumO LightWall.

ArchilumO CompoSe

CompoSe is a modular LED lighting system to create custom lighting installations for ceilings, walls or a crossover. Playing around with the following variables will create one-of-a-kind lighting features:

  • Panel shape: select, combine and connect any number of panels with the following form factors – custom size rectangular panels, curved corner panel, 90 or 135 degree angled corner panels, T and Y junctions, and a special ‘Vertical Curve’ panel that allows the lighting installation to run from the ceiling onto the wall or around corners.
  • Panel width: all of the above panel shapes come in 3 different panel widths i.e. 300mm, 450mm and 600mm wide. Custom widths between 300 and 600mm can be accommodated on a project-to-project basis.
  • LED colours: select from the widest available range in LED colours. ArchilumO offers 5 standard white colours – 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6500K, a wide-range Tuneable White – 2200K-6500K and a dynamic RGB.
  • Light direction: choose between a reflector or a diffuser on the backside of the light panel to control the relationship between direct and indirect lighting.
  • Panel design: the standard design for the front panel is a 8mm, high-grade Satin Opal PMMA (acrylic) diffuser for optimised light distribution and glare control. Optional, a further layer of design can be created by printing a custom design on one, or over multiple panels. A second design option is to use the laser-etch capability to engrave custom patterns into the Light Guide thus creating spectacular bespoke lighting features.

CompoSe light panels have connected panel-ends that are frameless to minimise the visual impact of the panel joint. Panels are mechanically connected through a connector piece and electronically (power + Dali) connected by the ‘Panel-to-Panel’ connector. One Power/Dali cable can feed up to 5 individual CompoSe modules thus minimising installation time and visual clutter.

ArchilumO LightWall

Whilst the uniqueness of the CompoSe proposition lies in its modular connectivity of specific shapes in various dimensions, LightWall is a product platform that allows the specifier to create large homogenously lit wall panels in any custom size up to 1200x3000mm! Resulting from the ‘frameless’ panel design, LightWall panels can be positioned side by side to create endless lit walls with minimal visual interruption. Create a dynamically lit colourful wall by using diffused light panels in combination with RGB LEDS, let a custom print run over the length of a wall to create the right ambience in a space or to ‘story-tell’, or present a stunning custom graphic design that will be laser-etched onto the wall panels to create ‘light-art’. One of the unique features of LightWall is that all these panel design options are available in acrylic but also in GLASS! All the LED colour options available in CompoSe are also available in LightWall, and a proprietary wall bracket system ensures that the panels are properly mounted within the shortest possible time.

Frameless’ Panel Design

One of the key development objectives was to design a panel framing system that would be invisible when viewed from the front and as minimal as possible when viewed from the side. ‘Large floating light elements’ or ‘endless lit walls’ was the design ambition. In collaboration with 3M, a proprietary ‘diffuser-to-frame’ fixing system has been developed that can be called truly ’frameless’ as there is no visible frame or mechanical fixings when viewed form the front! A beautiful, intelligent aluminium profile design has resulted in a flat luminair with only a 32mm visible edge when viewed from the side whilst serving as an effective heat-sink to maximise the lifetime of the high-output LEDs. All high-grade aluminium profiles are extruded with Liquid Nitrogen to get the best possible anodising finish the industry has to offer.

Lighting Technology

ArchilumO has developed a range of LED options to provide functional lighting where needed, and to create ambiance where desired. The in-house developed high-output LED PCB’s are designed to support any custom size light panel, including curved panel formats. Top quality, energy efficient, environment friendly Luxeon LEDs, designed for interior architectural applications, with an average rated life of 50.000Hrs+, have been selected for both product platforms, CompoSe and LightWall.

ArchilumO offers the widest possible range in LED colours. 5 standard white colours are being offered – 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6500K, as is a wide-range Tuneable White – 2200K-6500K and a dynamic RGB. CRI 80 is the standard but CRI 90 is an option in available colours on a project-to-project basis.

ArchilumO light panels are designed to generate high light outputs. For example, a CompoSe 600 panel 600x1500mm produces around 14,000 lumen, depending on the colour temperature of the LEDs.

Control Technology

To control individual panels, groups of panels or entire installations, ArchilumO has developed a proprietary Dali LED driver. Cutting edge technology has been applied in designing a top quality, high performance (480W) miniature DT8 type LED driver that is integrated in the frame of the individual light panels thus creating Individually Intelligent Panels.

ArchilumO is amongst the first to have programmed the driver firmware according to the new Dali2 protocol (backward compatible) and is best positioned to benefit from the release of new control devices whenever the DALI2 protocol will be formalised.

All ArchilumO light panels are Dali controlled and as a result benefit from all available Dali control options such as the integration of Dali motion & daylight sensors, the creation of Human Centric Lighting scenes, the integration in Building Management Systems etc.

For turnkey solutions, ArchilumO has created a number of ArchilumO control devices including a Bluetooth4 TouchPanel that allows for wireless mobile control from any IOS or Android mobile device. ‘Plug and Play’ in optima forma!


To find out more about ArchilumO, visit www.archilumo.com or request a sales Consultant’s presentation.